Tsuribito - рыболовные снасти нового поколения Tsuribito - рыболовные снасти нового поколения
Tsuribito - рыболовные снасти нового поколения

About company


The group of companies JJ-GROUP - market leader in retail and wholesale GPS navigators, echo sounders, modern communications, inflatable boats, motors, ATVs, goods for fishing and tourism.
For over 10 years JJ-GROUP provides its customers with reliable equipment and gear for hiking, fishing and recreation.

Major branches of Company sales. Goods for tourism and recreation Adrenalin.

The company offers a wide range of products for tourism, recreation, travel, camping and sports. We offer everything needed for a comfortable and interesting recreation: camping furniture, travel utensils, goods for a picnic and barbecue grills, lanterns and lamps, auto accessories needed on long journeys, as well as children's products. The philosophy of the brand - to create the most comfortable atmosphere for a person who is away from home, as well as implementation of new and interesting ideas that are embodied in goods under the brand name Adrenalin. Under its own brands JJ-Optics and JJ-Astro, we on the Russian market, optical instruments: a wide range of high-luminosity binoculars, microscopes, telescopes and rangefinders.

JJ-Connect Electronics.

Trade direction JJ-Connect provides a wide range of products of electronics, which have become indispensable for the leisure of modern man. Avtonavigatorov, radios, depth finders, megaphones, metal and many other gadgets JJ-Connect are the leading products on the market. We continuously monitor the latest trends in most of digital technologies to our customers receive high-quality instruments, made with the use of technological innovations. The range of goods JJ-Connect is continually increasing, in 2012, the company plans to launch a wide range of automotive recorders and radar detectors.
By creating a product portfolio matrix products, we strive to combine it as a low cost devices and devices premium to ensure that each client can pick out the necessary equipment. The main requirement that we have year after year, always adhere to, is the highest quality and performance of manufactured electronics. We look to the future, developing and improving our existing achievements, we aim to explore new areas of trade and technology.

Fishing line.

JJ-GROUP is an authorized dealer of the popular Japanese brand DAIWA. The company has gained popularity DAIWA by Russian fishermen. In 2012, we present a number of new products of this company. This reel, spinning, lures, baits, fishing line and various accessories for anglers.
In 2012, the Company is a favorite series of crankbaits and spinners TSURIBITO, and a wide range of new products. Many Russian fishermen are familiar with wobblers and spinners BASSDAY and JACKSON. Our company provides these baits to the maximum extent. Each angler will have to tackle ourselves for fishing! Today, the fishing line company replenished accessories under the brand name TROUT PRO. The line of products are coils, lures, baits, soft baits, fishing boats, fishing line, floats and other fishing accessories. All products are made in accordance with the highest requirements for quality fishing products of world leaders in this field.

Boats and water vehicle.

One of the main activities of JJ-GROUP is Boats and water vehicle. The company is the exclusive distributor of the Japanese manufacturer outboard Nissan-Marine in the Russian Federation.
Currently, JJ-Group is also on the Russian market under its own brand Nissamaran series of inflatable boats and motors, petrol and diesel generators, as well as ATVs. Already a number of years of consistently high demand has line outboard HDX (Hondex). In 2011 it was supplemented by a series of inflatable boats HDX. In the same year JJ-Group has introduced a new inexpensive line of outboard Jet.
In the same year company introduced the market's own unique design - fiberglass boat LAKER. Currently, the company developed the production of four models of boats 300 Laker, Laker 360, Laker Laker 410 and 485 in various colors. The boats are highly maneuverable, easy to operate, thanks to its light weight and easy to carry. In 2010, the company JJ-GROUP launched its own technical center Adrenalin.ru service for boats and water vehicle technology. Service Center provides services for the repair and maintenance of equipment of boats and water vehicle , tuning boats, diagnostics and maintenance of outboard motors, boats and other equipment.


The company JJ-Group is Russia's first specialized in the field of tourism, recreation and fishing store wholesale. Our idea is to concentrate the entire range of products in one place gives customers a unique opportunity to see firsthand and appreciate more than 5 000 articles of various commodities. In our shop you will find a wide selection of products for recreation, fishing lures from and ending with engines for motor boats. Our customers are primarily wholesale and small wholesale companies, shops, private businesses and other legal entities that purchase goods for their professional activity. For them we offer a comfortable environment for fast and efficient purchase.

The central office
129090 Moscow, Russia, M. Sukharevskaya sq., 1
e-mail: sales@tsuribito-tackle.com
Phone: +7 (498) 683-08-83

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