Tsuribito - рыболовные снасти нового поколения Tsuribito - рыболовные снасти нового поколения
Tsuribito - рыболовные снасти нового поколения

Pike Hunter 95S/60S

The most realistic hardbait panfish imitation. Ultra-detailed scales, gills, fins and eyes for undeniable realism. Sinks slowly, imitating a wounded fish on the retrieve and rests level at a stop to draw strong strikes from big, bold perch or pike.
  • Length, mm: 95/60
  • Weight, g: 22.5/7.8
  • Type: sinking
  • Depth, m: < 4

Masu Tsuri 50S/65S

Sinking lure "Masu Tsuri" has a perfect long-cast features. Combination of compact size and the decent weight provides longer casting to reach cautious shoal of perch.
  • Length, mm: 50/65
  • Weight, g: 4.5/6
  • Type: sinking
  • Depth, m: 0.8-1.5/1-1.5

Live Minnow 55S/65S

Live acting lure with decent weight and at the same time the minimal depth level. The main application for this lure is to search for predators from a long distance.
  • Length, mm: 55/65
  • Weight, g: 6/8
  • Type: sinking
  • Depth, m: 1.5-2

Deep Diver Minnow 60F/60SP/60S

Best choice for searching for predators on shallow water. Perfectly working at smooth and twitch retrieve. Stable action even with the slow retrieve.
  • Length, mm: 60
  • Weight, g: 4.5/5.3/6.2
  • Type: floating/suspended/sinking
  • Depth, m: 1.5-2/1.5-2/1-2

Smash Minnow 90SP/90F

Classic minnow lure for targeting pike on shallow water. Loud ballbearings inside for long-distance sound transmission.
  • Length, mm: 90
  • Weight, g: 8/7
  • Type: suspened/floating
  • Depth, m: 0.5-1

Baby Shark 70SP/70F

Baby shark`s body designed to target picky pike and bass at shallow lakes and rivers. Acting perfectly on current. Added dorsal fin for more realistic and stable action.
  • Length, mm: 70
  • Weight, g: 6.5/5.5
  • Type: syspended/floating
  • Depth, m: 1-1.5

Splash Popper 60

Concave mouth delivers unmatched spitting and popping gurgling and imparts an erratic darting action. Best choice for hunting pike and large bass at the surface.
  • Length, mm: 60
  • Weight, g: 7
  • Type: floating
  • Depth, m: top water

Pike Strike 88SP

Classic twitching lure for catching pike on shallow water. Realistic and articulated design gives an extra bit of action, that brings giant fish to the lure. Gentle twitching imitates a minnow on the verge of death. Gives an exciting strikes on pause.
  • Length, mm: 88
  • Weight, g: 7.2
  • Type: suspended
  • Depth, m: 0.5-1

X-Ray Crank 52MR

Hard bait lure with a fat body and original transparent design. It`s large lip imparts a wild, frantic action at any speed. Precisely balanced hooks deliver an action that no bass can turn down.
  • Length, mm: 52
  • Weight, g: 9
  • Type: floating
  • Depth, m: 1.5-2

Deep Trap 45F-MR

Best choice for perch hunting on rivers and lakes. Realistic action with the frequent oscillation and loud rattles inside attract predators from far away. Working perfectly on current.
  • Length, mm: 45
  • Weight, g: 3.5
  • Type: floating
  • Depth, m: 0.8-1.2
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